REFERRAL SYSTEM – Invite and earn rewards

Good day Players,

We encourage you to invite your friends to play with us, with you, and both parties will earn rewards by just having them met the Event requirements.

So how can we do that? Just follow the steps below;

Below shows the steps as an INVITER.

Step 1:
Login your account to our Panel and click ‘My Referral

Look for your Referral Link

Step 2:
Copy your Referral Link and send it to your friend you want to invite. After they registered using your referral link, so should see your referred friends on your ‘My Referral List‘ as shown above image.


  • For Inviter, for him/her to be able to invite a friend using their referral link.
    • The inviter should have at least 24 hours or 1 Day Play Time.
  • To receive rewards from the Invited Players
    • The invited Players should have at least 24 hours or 1 Day of Play Time as well.
    • Then you can ‘Claim‘ the reward as shown in the image.

Below shows the steps as an INVITED Player

Step 1
As an invited player you should be given a link by your friends with a referral code in it.
Example Referral Link: (Please don’t use this when you register or else it will void your entry as an Invited Play and you cannot earn the reward.)

You should be seeing ‘Referral Code’ (the field with RED BOX)

Step 2:
Fill up the fields, (Facebook Link is optional tho)
When done filling those fields hit register, and you should receive an verification email to activate your Panel Account and Game Account

Step 3:
Click on ‘My Referrals’ lets assume that you have created a character already in game.
On ‘Invited Player Rewards’ you should be seeing ‘Select Your Main Character’ click on it and select your character. This character will be the one who will receive the rewards after you reach the requirement.

You’ll be seeing your created character, select a character and hit ‘Save

Step 3:
Once you reach 100% of Progress or 1 Day Play Time you will be able to receive the said rewards as shown in the image below.

Rewards Table

Inviter Rewards

Invited Player Rewards
Will received a weapon of his selected character of choice

  • Archidium Type
    • +20
    • 3Slotted with CDI and CRI Option
  • Blessing Bead Plus – 30 Days
  • Blessing Bead – WEXP(50%) – 7 Days
  • Blessing Bead – Drop Rate (50%) – 7 Days

If you have question please leave a comment below else, message us on our Facebook Page / Discord

Event rewards are subject to change without prior notice.


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