How to select your nation?

Step 1:
Go to any “Warehouse Keeper” and select Open Warehouse and click Depo. and deposit all alz amount and click “OK” so now your inventory has a 0 alz.

Step 2:
Click With. and choose the nation you want, 1234561 for Capella and 1234562 for Procyon then click “OK”, And now press “O” or “Esc” and Select Character and enter your character again. Your nation has been selected.

You’ll need to buy Black Transmuter to change your current nation, go to “Port Lux” and click Morison Officer, select “Quest” then click “Dark Wanderer” quest, but you’ll need to put 10,000,000 alz to your inventory to change your current nation, and click “Yes I AM”.

I hope this guide will help you. Happy Gaming ^_^