CABAL Neowise Launcher v.2

Step 1: •Download our new launcher here: https://mega.nz/file/EswmmCwT#4WFzrPlP7WrY_1EgpIbWTLCpqAq9ZNv2xKB4V05Y1rQ •Then click Download Step2: •Go to your CABAL Neowise folder and paste your downloaded launcher file. •Right click “CABAL Neowise Launcher v.2” and click Extract Here and select Yes to All Step 3: •Run “cabal.exe” and then your launcher will update automatically. That’s all guys, Have a …

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CABAL Neowise Halloween Update

Note: This event only runs until November 4, 2020. Bloody Ice Halloween Theme NEOWISE (EVENT) CHANNEL ONLYCABAL Lantern ~ 2X Mobs/MapJack’O Lantern ~ 3X Mobs/MapKid Lantern ~ 4X Mobs/Map-Bloody Ice•Dessert Scream•Green Despair•Port Lux•Fort. Ruina•Undead Ground CABAL Lantern [0~30] Max Drop•Respawn Time (3 Hours)Random Drop Pool:•Little Jack•Pumpkin – Type A•Pumpkin – Type B•Pumpkin – Type C•Pet …

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