Epaulet Crafting System

CABAL Neowise has a new crafting system for archridium, palladium and demonite epaulet. You can now add slot, option and epic for your epaulet. Materials Archridium, Palladium and Demonite Epaulet of Choice Epaulet Core (Archridium, Palladium and Demonite) Upgrade Core (Crystal) Force Core (Crystal) Epaulet Option Scroll (Max Critical Rate) Note: You’ll need to extract …

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CABAL Neowise Launcher v.2

Step 1: •Download our new launcher here: •Then click Download Step2: •Go to your CABAL Neowise folder and paste your downloaded launcher file. •Right click “CABAL Neowise Launcher v.2” and click Extract Here and select Yes to All Step 3: •Run “cabal.exe” and then your launcher will update automatically. That’s all guys, Have a …

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Beginner’s Guide

Step 1:Register your account here and log in to the game. Step 2:Select channel 2 (Premium). Step 3:Click “Create” and choose any battle style that you want. Step 4:Type your character name and choose your gender, battle style and appearance and click “create”. Step 5:After character creation, you must be setting up your “sub …

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