Good Day Players,

We are happy to announce that we’ll be having our first Guild VS Guild Event.

A not just ordinary Guild VS Guild where all Guild Members can join, but this EVENT, only a few are chosen to fight for their GUILD.


The registration must be done only by your Guild Master. So here are the complete details that must be done by your Guild Master.

  • Assemble a 6-member Team from your Guild Members (Which must consist, FA, FB, WI, BL, WA, FS Classes)
  • And Register your team here:

For complete game mechanics, please do read them carefully to avoid any consequences that lead to Team-Disqualifications.

  • Participants shall use pre-made characters provided by the CABAL Neowise Staffs, each with its own
    Sigmetal Equipment,
    1K Status Points(STR, INT, DEX)
  • FREE Style
  • No BM1, BM2, and BM3

Your team can use

  • Aura
  • Combo
  • Special Buff Skills(DEBUFF, BUFFS)

Rewards will be posted here soon.

CABAL Neowise Players, it’s time to answer the call of Nevareth. Bathe the streets with the blood of your enemies and crawl your way to the top. Choose your battle team wisely. It could be your last.


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