Beginner’s Guide

Step 1:
Register your account here and log in to the game.

Step 2:
Select channel 2 (Premium).

Step 3:
Click “Create” and choose any battle style that you want.

Step 4:
Type your character name and choose your gender, battle style and appearance and click “create”.

Step 5:
After character creation, you must be setting up your “sub password”, click “Set It Now” then “Create Sub Password” and type the password that you want and choose 1 question and then type your answer, make sure that you’ll remember this answer to change your sub password again if you need it, after that type your sub password and press “OK”.

Step 6:
You’ll need to use your “Blessing Bead – Plus” inside your character inventory just press “I” and right click the yellow beads. after that just press “M” and go to “Lakeside” map, use your battlemode 2 (BM2) and click any monster then hit to gain “EXP”, after you reached level 130, go to “Bloody Ice” and distribute your character stats just press “C”, but first thing you need is to check your inventory “Sigmetal” item and follow the stats requirements and equip it. Equip your accessories and books aswell.

Step 7:
Go to training dummy (Bloody Ice, Dessert Scream or Green Despair) and hit the training dummy using your skill and gain “Skill EXP” until you reached trancender.

Step 8:
Go to any “Instructor” then buy and learn your skill book (Sword, Magic and Upgrade Skill). Put your skill on skill bar at the bottom of your cabal screen.

Step 9:
After you learned skills you will need to max it upto level 20, Go to high level map and hit mobs using your battle mode 2 (BM2) or any skill to gain “EXP” until you reach max level 200. Dont forget to distribute your character stats.

That’s all for beginner’s guide and i hope this guide will help you to start your cabal journey. Thank You and Happy Gaming ^_^